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This is incredibly rich with great advice and real case studies. The reader feels like they are listening to their favorite and most inspiring college professor explain how to navigate the exciting challenges of business ownership. The writer truly opens up and provides his wealth of experience and knowledge in a stimulating and mentoring fashion. Reading the book felt like a one-to-one session with a corporate coach...providing expert guidance and advise on evaluating, enjoying and acting on the many business decisions one faces. The book includes the educational lists of do's and don'ts, but the most important part was Bob's commentary and personal war stories related to these lists. I appreciated reading the book and have already referred to it a second time to re-read a few of his entertaining anecdotes. For me, it is like the entrepreneurs version of "in search of excellence". I highly recommend this book to any existing or future business owner. 

Stuart Seltzer - New York, New York 

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In today's world with women fleeing corporations to start their own businesses coupled with mature executives forced out of corporations due to mergers or downsizing, Bob Reiss' book is a life raft. Frankly, I think risk management is the least important lesson Reiss offers. His real gifts are how to get started, how to build the company, and how to create, build, and sell products not only to the buyer but to the consumer. For those with a great idea who may be financially challenged, he also offers info on how to create a cash flow, a product cost analysis, a break-even analysis, and a business plan that will help get money. If ever a book were written for the fledgling entrepreneur or entrepreneur wanna-be, this is it.

Grace Shafir -  Boca Raton, Florida



Reiss' book gives ideas you can use obviously gleaned from his personal experiences "where the rubber meets the road. "My sons are buying my business and I've given them the book as assigned reading; particularly the chapter "Numeracy". I personally used his ideas from the chapter "Building the Company" about how to get free publicity instead of paying for advertising. I'm building a condo project and received 8 newspaper articles, with photos- some front page- in three different newspapers! The articles generated 16 inquiries and 1 sale so far. Bob's 16 common attributes of entrepreneurs in Chapter 1 are fascinating. I teach literacy to a foreigner who is keenly interested in business and I used this chapter with him. If you own a business, want to or deal with entrepreneurs, get this book and study it!

Bill Kelley - St.Charles, Illinois



Finally a book written on entrepreneurship that is easy to follow and has so much to offer! A must read for anyone thinking about starting or expanding their existing business. After reading the book I immediately purchased 24 copies to give to my friends and business associates because there are just so many valuable chapters that cover a lot of important areas to start, build, or maintain a successful company. 

Ron M. Goldstein - Old Tappan, New Jersey



At last! A how-to guide for fledgling entrepreneurs as well as a resource for those faced with the myriad problems of the modern business environment. Readable, concise, precise, and pragmatic; a bottom-line practical approach. The in-depth coverage and sound counsel make this a book that should be in every business person's library. Highly recommended!

Harvey Roth - Great Neck, New York



Bob Reiss gives us the picture of risk and reward. Entrepreneurship is not easy and Bob shows it. What he does is lay out so clearly how to manage risk or mitigate risk.

His advice is to good on getting advice and finding mentors. Often he points out there are free resources such as SCORE. There are many other start assists such as the use of incubators.

It is the process that makes this book a must reading. Reiss helps us to understand whether or not we have the risk quality in us. He helps us to understand that entrepreneurship is a process.

What is useful is the course of action outlined. How to get started with structure and plan. How to get money (which has many options these days). How to build the company with the right culture, right people. How to build reputation and good name. How to build product framework for success. How to get the order and reorder and imperative of quality. How and why promotion.

The last part of the book is essential for all of us that have built companies: The Reassessment and what's next. The five options Reiss outlines are those that make us all think which path to take next.

Only an entrepreneur with the experience of Reiss could do such a superior job in outlining how to do it. Reiss has been involved in 16 different business ventures and thus, knows what he is saying. It is natural to identify with the skills and attributes necessary to succeed as he reviews them. This process runs the gambit from numbers to promotion and quality.

Reiss will help any entrepreneur be successful or avoid the risk all together. High Reward is right if done right. Many of us take difficult roads but stay committed. Reiss helps all of us take a clear path.

Edie Fraser - Washington, DC



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Low Risk, High Reward

Bob Reiss
WITH Jeffrey L. Cruikshank
Foreword by Howard H. Stevenson

Paperback, ISBN: 0-9713848-0-0

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