If you want to be an entrepreneur and can't go to the Harvard Business School, then Low Risk, High Reward is the next best thing . . .a must-read.

Arthur Rock
Founding investor in Intel and Apple



Must reading for anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur.

Lowell "Bud" Paxson
Home Shopping Network & PAX-TV



My advice to a budding entrepreneur would be: first, don't ever stop learning, and second, read Low Risk, High Reward.

Jim McCann
Founder and CEO, 1-800-Flowers.com


Valuable insight into the practical actions required to build a successful enterprise. With each chapter, you will find information that you can apply immediately to your venture.

Amy Love
Founder and CEO
Real Sports Magazine


Bob Reiss's book is a must for all entrepreneurs. His down to earth advice shows us how to execute an idea while minimizing risk. Heavy emphasis is on: competing and operating, value customers, relationship building, and providing special incentives to those who share the risk. Reiss is a very special person and his book is special -- there is no other book like this one in the marketplace.

Dr. Charles N. Toftoy
Director, Entrepreneurship Program
George Washington University



Low Risk, High Reward is the most practical guide to starting and running a business that I have seen. While it is comprehensive in covering the elements of entrepreneurship, its strength lies in its real life "how to" approach to problems. Bob Reiss is a great out-of-the-box thinker; his own experiences illustrate an amazing ability to be creative in the face of different challenges, and, coupled with the stories he relates about others, provide instructive insight into what it is really like being in your own entrepreneurs at all stages of their business' life cycle, but I think those just starting out or completing starting out will find it invaluable.

 Jerry Shafir
Founder and CEO, Kettle Cuisine



Reiss uses excellent examples to illustrate his principles and provides many pearls of wisdom based on his wealth of personal experiences. I intend to buy a copy for every one of the entrepreneurs with whom we have made a venture investment.

Mike Hsieh
LF International Inc.



After reviewing the manuscript of Bob Reiss' new book, Low Risk,  High Reward, I wish to offer my wholehearted endorsement of the book. It is a wonderful job of describing the practical realities of successful entrepreneurship. Bob has obviously been there. He knows how to spread risk among those who have an interest in the enterprise and how to provide the incentives foe each to want to make the venture a success. His R & R case is a graphic example of Low Risk - High Reward. Its success is possible because of bob's experience in an industry that led him to recognize an opportunity and then know how to capitalize on it. He was masterful in, as Stevenson says in his definition of entrepreneurship, " the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled". . . His book is a must reading for any serious entrepreneur.

James H. Hunter
Entrepreneur in Residence
Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee



I believe we should teach Bob's approach to financial analysis at the Harvard Business School. For the founder and grower of a business, Bob's chapter on numeracy alone is worth the price of the book.

Howard H. Stevenson
Serafim-Rock Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School



Reiss' book is a must read for every entrepreneurial wannabe. The concept of shifting risk to others is as important as effectively managing cash flow.

John W. Altman
Robert E. Weissman Professor
of Entrepreneurial Practice
Babson College



Low Risk, High Reward is a valuable road map for starting and growing a real business. Bob Reiss has a gift for making complicated material easy to grasp, and presenting serious topics in a friendly and humorous voice. I plan to make it required reading for my entrepreneurship class.

Larry Klatt, Ph.D.
Entrepreneurship Programs
Florida Atlantic University



Low Risk High Reward (LRHR) is required reading in my Technical Entrepreneurship class. We study how to leverage technologies into businesses within entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial environments. LRHR is a practical guide for start-up critical success factors. Bob brings a unique prespective to the challenges of starting and growing a successful firm. I highly recommend it for novice and experienced entrepreneurs.

Michael A. Marasco
Northwestern University
McCormick School of Engineering



A first-in-class book for anyone starting or running their own company. Reiss's philosophy is both practical and principled. For years he has been sharing his insights with my MBA students to rave reviews. Now a wider audience can access his entrepreneurial knowledge. Required reading!

Murray B. Low,Ph.D.
Columbia Entrepreneurship Program
Columbia Business School 


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